About Me


Very short summary of me on bullet form:

  • Ass. Prof. in the Audio Analysis Lab at Aalborg University. Currently, I mainly work on the Cocktail research project together with the Danish hearing aid company GN ReSound.
  • I spend 20 % of my time with the Danish company Bang & Olufsen A/S doing research in acoustical signal processing.
  • My primary research fields include analysis of periodic signals, microphone array processing, speech processing, spectral estimation, and Bayesian signal processing.
  • Some applications of my research include loudspeaker position calibration, speech enhancement for hearing aids, and sound and vibration analysis for rotating machines.
  • I have a M.Sc. degree (Cum Laude) and a Ph.D. degree from Aalborg University.
  • My contact information can be found on the AAU website.
  • More professional information on me can be found in my LinkedIn profile.